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Education Cost for Studying in Malaysia

Education Cost for Studying in Malaysia

Are you thinking of studying in Malaysia? If yes, then you will be interested in knowing about the education costs in Malaysia. Take a look at the cost of higher education in Malaysia to get an idea.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree - US $11,000 to US $18,000
Postgraduate Masters Degree - US $9,000 to US $18,000

Average cost of living:

US $6000 per annum


The average monthly rental for a single room on a twin-sharing basis could be between US $100 and US $150, depending on the area, the type of accommodation and the facilities available.

Other Living Expenses:

Groceries and eating out - $40 to $80 per week

Phone and Internet - $5 to $15 per week

Public transport - $10 to $20 per week

Personal expenses - $ 10 to $ 20 per week

Entertainment - $20 to $50 per week

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