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Taylor's University

At Taylor’s University, our mandate for academic excellence is driven by the need to make a difference. Universities function as a leveller of society; a foundation builder in the ethos of lifelong learning in communities by creating productive citizens through the advancement of knowledge. 
Against this backdrop, our strongest aspiration is for our students to “Own the Future”. We have a deep-seated belief that students who possess the ability to adapt to change will thrive in all circumstances.

In an increasingly complex world where changes occur at a more rapid pace than ever before, we equip our students with a multitude of skills that prepare them for future challenges. At Taylor's University, we refer to these skills as the 5Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation as well as Cultural Adaptation.

These critical life skills help to develop the students’ emotional wellbeing and self-direction, while increasing their chances of employability, wherever in the world they might be. Leveraging on our heritage and track record of excellence, we are committed to developing well-rounded, highly sought-after leaders of the future, who are equipped with the capabilities to leave their indelible thumbprints in the world.

The number of highly successful Taylor’s alumni who have set national and global benchmarks in various industries stands testament to this. Through the years, the University has developed a broad suite of offerings ranging from foundation to doctorate programmes, ensuring students receive the Taylor’s seal of excellence at every stage of their learning.

In tandem, our industry-based research efforts continue to make significant strides in increasing the body of knowledge and benefiting their respective industries. Corporations are increasingly utilising these findings to embark on value-generating projects that create positive ripple effects on the community at large. This is especially crucial at a time when education institutions play a pivotal role in engaging with society to create a sustainable global future.

On that note, I invite you to explore the realm of possibilities that Taylor’s University can offer in uncovering your true potential and crafting your own future

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